Promotional events in Kalabaka and Trikala for local products - Meteorisimo

Sunday, Dec. 20th, at Riga Feraiou Square in Kalabaka
Sunday, Dec. 27th, at Central Square in Trikala

The chamber of Trikala organized festive events for the promotion of local producers and products as part of the 'METEORISIMO' campaign in cooperation with the Federation of Professionals and Tradesmen (EBE) of Trikala, the Trade Association of Trikala and Karditsa and the Municipality of Kalabaka.

PROVOLIexpo installed a 5mx5m pagoda and two 2mx3.5m pagodas for the accommodation of the event and its local products. Lighting, exhibition equipment, heating and carpeting were included in the planning and installation of this event.