Large, 16m wide Tents

Structural design

Width                (Α)    16,00 m
Eave height       (C)      3,85 m
Ridge height      (D)      6,45 m
Truss-distance  (Β3)      5,00 m
Roof slope    18,00 °
Truss profile  200 x 120 mm

16m wide - unlimited length

Technical specifications
The frame of the marquees is made of aluminum and galvanized parts.
They are accompanied by structural designs and covered with fireproof PVC material.

The sidewall PVC components include the following types:

  • Light impermeable PVC
  • Semi-translucent PVC
  • PVC with windows/ translucent material

Technical data
Wind load acc.   to DIN EN 13782
Min. length      : 10.00m
Max. length     : unlimited in truss-distance