Large Tents


PROVOLI expo has large marquees, which can be transported quickly and easily thanks to their light frame, which is made of aluminum. They are however large in width and thus able to cover large areas.
They can be used for a wide range of activities, which vary in duration. They are ideal for big events and activities, e.g. storage facilities, parking spaces, sports areas, ice skating sinks and large technical works, archaeological excavations, trade fairs, flea markets and festivals, social, business and artistic events, conventions etc. They can also be used in ports, airports and warehouses.

There are two types of large tents:
1) Small marquees - Tents - Shelters
2) Large marquees - Tents - Shelters

Technical specifications
The frame of the marquees, tents is made of aluminum and covered with fireproof PVC material and a semi-translucent roof. Eave height: approx. 3.80-4m and ridge height: 6.4-8.8m.
The large marquees are available in the following sizes:

  • 16m wide - unlimited length
  • 20m wide - unlimited length
  • 30m wide - unlimited length

-unlimited length of 5m increments - any other dimension available upon request. Due to the wide selection they can be used in different arrangements so as to cover the needs of any event.