Certificates for marquees - large and small tents and pagodas.

All marquees, large and small tents type 16,3/400 P3N, 20,3/400 P3N, 30,4/400 P2N and pagodas have been manufactured and designed according to the German planning and building laws under the supervision of the German technical agencies to withstand an effect of 100km/h minimum wind speed with a safety coefficient of 1.5.

During strong winds of 75km/h the doors of the marquees - tents have to remain closed and not open in order to avoid internal pressure.

Fire resistance: The textile parts of the aforementioned constructions are fire retardant and in line with DIN 4102B1, M2.

Max. snow load: During snow fall the ridge of the construction has to be heated at 12oC in order to avoid the accumulation of snow on the roof.

Max. suspended weights:

  • 16.4/400 = 1.000 kg per roof support beam total (with max. suspended weight of 500kg per point)
  • 20.3/400 = 900kg per roof support beam total (with max. suspended weight of 450kg per point)
  • 30.4/400 = 700kg per roof support beam total (with max. suspended weight of 300kg per point)

Flammability certificate regarding PVC

Department BTTG
Testing & Certification Ltd
Ref. code: FerrariS.A.Textile covers made of polyester fabric, coated with PVC, Precontraint 702, impermeable.
Sample BS 7837: 1696
Testing type: BS 5438: 1989 Test 2Β (bottom end of fabric exposed to fire)
Flame applied for 10 seconds, cut bottom end. Customer specified face towards the burner nozzle.
Results overview: These results arose under specific testing conditions and do not necessarily correspond to the behavior of the tested material under different testing or usage conditions.


BS 7837: 1996 - Specification requirements
The performance of the sample is deemed satisfactory (certified), if for at least five out of six test samples: (a) the material is not exposed to fire for over 5 seconds after removing the flame and (b) the minimum limit of each flame does not reach neither the top nor the vertical side and (c) the paper filter doesn't slowly burn or inflame.

This specific covered textile conforms to the BS 7837: 1996 - Specification requirements.