Outdoor ice skating rinks equipment

The equipment of the ice skating rinks is patented as 'energy efficient, mobile aluminum ice skating rink' no 1007249 and in line with the international classification (ΙΝΤ.CL8) : A63C 19/10, E01C 13/10, F25C 3/02, E01H 4/02.
The main components for a functional ice skating rink are the following:
1) Chillers
2) Arrays of hinged aluminum parts
3) wooden railing
4) Glycol

Necessary accessories for a functional ice skating rink:

1) Rink scrubbing equipment for rink cleaning
2) Ice skates
3) Ice skates for children equipped with double blades
4) Skate grinders
5) Safety equipment, e.g. knee and elbow pads, helmets
6) Skate aids for support and learning like penguins, scooters etc.
7) Benches for skaters, benches for the reception area
8) Coat racks and cloak hangers
9) All spaces, except for the skating area, have wooden floors and thick pile carpeting or rubber matting.
10)The installation of rinks includes the appropriate sound equipment and stage lighting so as to transform the rink into a place of fun for various parties and other entertainment events.