Equipment & Furniture for Exhibitions

 ekthesiakos eksoplismos

PROVOLI expo has all the necessary auxiliary equipment for a perfect and complete installation of an exposition. We always ensure that the auxiliary equipment is in perfect condition both in terms of functionality and in terms of appearance. We renew and renovate our equipment and store it in a way that protects it from damages.

Kiosk structure (partitions) made of aluminum frame with electrostatic white paint. Grey chipboard (filling) partitions. Suspended aluminum ceiling grid, dimension: 2x3m.
Gable truss made of white aluminum and filled with chipboard, color: grey, height: 0.30m.

A truss-like rigid structure constructed from interlocking struts in a geometric pattern. It consists of interlocking square pyramids and tetrahedra made of aluminum and their distance and shape grant space frame its flexibility making it ideal for creating complicated shelters. It is also used for lighting arrangements, which are necessary for the kiosks.

Electrical installation, panel boards, spotlights, electric sockets, fluorescent roof lights for hallways, emergency lights for fire exits, automatic safety lights in hallways, iodine floodlights for external lighting in entrances and exits, microphone and loud-speaker installations.


  • small and large aluminum and melamine cubes
  • drawer cabinets made of galvanized metal
  • metal, glass and melamine displays
  • white and black chairs made of galvanized metal and plastic
  • displays made of aluminum, glass and melamine with light fixtures
  • desks made of stainless metal and wood
  • display counters
  • round Info Stand made of metal and melamine
  • Z-shaped, black bar stool
  • round, Inox table
  • table made of stainless metal and PVC
  • Cabinet with five space units
  • metal shelf (DEXION)
  • grey or bordeaux carpeting
  • white refrigerator
  • Betofilm and square timber floor
  • melamine shelf