Athens Half Marathon 2016


The Athens Half Marathon is an annual collaboration between the Athletics Federation and the Municipality of Athens, which started in 2012 (with 3.500 then runners). This year, Sunday, March 20, 2016, organized for the fifth consecutive time the holding limit of 20.000 runners.

From 2016 onwards, Half Marathon of Athens will always take place on the third Sunday in March, the beginning of spring, in order to attract thousands insiders runners from Greece and around the world (Half Marathon) but also ordinary citizens who want to try the experience of participating in a large mass free running event (Races 3 and 5 km).

The company PROVOLIexpo, was present at this important event with prefabricated pagoda-type structures, meeting the needs of the organizers.
A flawless combination 5mx5m pagoda dimensions, 3,5mx2m and 2,5mx3,5m provided complete protection from the sun and wind, housing injury, supplies, information material and sponsors