Theme parks - Christmas Markets & Ice skating rinks

xristougenniatika parka

In cooperation with its affiliated company "The White Fantasy - Ice skating rinks, Greece", PROVOLIexpo sells and leases integrated ice skating rinks systems. Based on patent no 1007249 and combined with its know-how, longstanding experience and excellent service, our company is one of a kind in Greece.

We can perform the following installations:

- Closed outdoor ice skating rinks completely covered with marquees - tents providing protection from all weather conditions
- Covered outdoor ice skating rinks, where the tent covers the ice rink and the sidewalls are open.
- Open outdoor ice skating rinks with an open air ice rink and a reception area, ice skates - changing areas accommodated in heated pagoda type marquees.

In covered outdoor ice skating rinks the ice rink is accommodated in large marquees made of waterproof, fire-retardant, white, PVC material without side curtains thus offering protection against the sun and the rain but not the wind. Reception areas - waiting areas, changing areas and all necessary equipment, e.g. ice skates, are accommodated in heated pagoda type marquees. They are installed in central city areas and provide protection, comfort and style while the skaters enjoy their surroundings.

Our company can create unique Christmas markets or parks in various Greek cities.

The outdoor ice skating rink, the stage decorations and other attractions like the carousel and the roller coaster, the kiosks and the wonderful market cabins create a beautiful and warm Christmas atmosphere.

This festive spirit is complemented by the Christmas market, the interactive workshops, Santa's cabin and post office, the bakery shop, the school for little magicians and the face painting workshop.