Storage facilities

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PROVOLI expo provides multifunctional tents which can be used as an immediate solution in the logistics and supply chains fields and also applied in storage, packaging and product distribution. The interior space of the tents is unified, without poles in order to facilitate movement and cover a larger number of goods.

The flexible shelters we provide are certified with safety and stability certificates in line with international standards and offer complete cover in all weather conditions, such as wind, snow, rain, hail etc.
The tent module is accompanied by a manufacturer's structural design and consists of an aluminum frame thus combining stability, safety and flexibility. It can be assembled and dismantled quickly and thanks to its adjustable structure it can be used as an extension to existing buildings or as a single standalone unit.

Its entire frame, both the ridge and the eaves, are covered with high quality tarpaulin made of fireproof PVC material thus contributing to a more effective cover and protection of the stored products.