Planning trade fairs and theme expositions Equipment for exhibition kiosks

organosi ektheseon

PROBOLI expo has been successfully planning trade fairs and general expos all over Greece since 1990. Its experienced personnel uses its organizational and communicational skills to plan expos so as to promote businesses and satisfy exhibitors in the best way possible.

For over 25 years we have been successful in achieving our goals and providing specialized, qualitative and effective solutions for the complete and integrated installation of an expo including the required equipment.

-small and large tents of various sizes, which combine resistance, stability and style and are easy and quick to assemble and dismantle.
-in terms of tents, we also mean pagodas of various sizes with manufacturer's warranty that combine beautiful architecture and easy installation.
-hiring and installing a standard exhibition kiosk includes aluminum posts, MDF plates, carpeting, desks, chairs, stands, tables, displays, bar stools, info DEXION, cubicles, coat stands etc.