Achaia FEST June 2017: The first big Festival of Achaean Products & Enterprises

With the participation of many people from Patras and from other regions, and with a huge success, the 1st Big Achaean Festival of Products, Enterprises, Tourism and Culture: “Achaia Fest 2017-The Treasures of Achaia” was completed. The happiest and most tasty festival in the South Park of Patras.

The inauguration of the “Achaia Fest 2017” was performed by the vice-prefect of Achaia Grigoris Alexopoulos and the president of the Chamber of Achaia Platonas Marlafekas, who were the organizers of the first big feast of Achaia, of its products and enterprises.

Four days of gastronomy, street food, tasting and buying of Achaean Products, picnics, outdoor cinema, events for children, dance groups and sports. A festival according to the standards of corresponding events in European parks during the summer months, that having as starting point our dynamically developing Greek taste landscape, introduces us to products and producers of our land. The festival belongs to the Region of Western Greece and the Chamber of Achaia.

With great joy and pride the company Provoli expo in cooperation with the Chamber of Achaia undertook the installation for the hosting of all the festival actions. More specifically, in the Folding cabin of big dimensions, as well as in the pagoda cabins, exhibition kiosks were created fully equipped with structure, desks, chairs, shelves and lights. All the constructions were assembled ergonomically along the park so that both the visitors and the participants producers-exhibitors with their products could be served excellently.

The Achaia Fest was under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and the Greek National Tourism Organization (EOT). Sponsors were: “lux plus n’ light”, “Kepenou Mills” and “MAXRO Industry of Paints-Chemicals”, supporters were: “I. IEK VERGI” and “Asteriscos Art-Construction”. On the last day of the festival organizers, exhibitors and visitors gave an appointment for the next big event.