10th Kissamos Culture Festival - Chania 2017

For the 10th successive year the Public-benefit enterprise of the Municipality of Kissamos and the Municipality of Kissamos highlighted the culture of the unique comparative advantages of the region and the local products through the institution of the “Kissamos Culture Festival”.

The 10th Kissamos Culture Festival was held from August 12th -20th on the beach of the city of Kissamos, under the auspices of the Region of Crete and the Regional unity of Chania.

Craftsmen, Cooperatives, Producers, Cultural Associations and Municipalities participated in the Festival. Exhibitors with traditional Cretan products and popular art items from professional producers in the primary sector, in combination with the taste and uniqueness of the Cretan products have created the most beautiful Festival atmosphere.

The company “Provoli expo”, present in the feast of the Municipality of Kissamos, installed and placed, for the accommodation of the exhibitors, Pagodas along the exhibition that were of German construction and according to European standards. More specifically, Pagodas of the sizes of: 5x5m and 2,5x3,5m. Exhibition equipment for the functionality and decoration of the exhibitors’ kiosks and a carpet in the main corridor of the Exhibition.

The Kissamos Culture Festival is an institution that must remain and be supported, an institution that promotes our traditional values and advertises our land and at the same time it can be a financial support for the local enterprises.