Pagoda, 3x3m


The Italian 3x3m pagoda has unique look. It consists mainly of the model and the line of the classic pagoda combined with the light features that form the roof. Emphasizing its structure, which is made of steel with the process of galvanizing, it has high mechanical and enormous strength.

The fabric of 3x3m is polyester fiber PVC which is applied to both sides. PVC is non-combustible and has a refractory PVDF coating and protection. The PVC color is white and it is impenetrable light with or without windows, is the ideal solution for commercial spaces, gardens, and events. It has perimeter charges for the removal of water and allows the gutter to be applied if two pagodas join together. Depending on your seasons and needs, it is used with the side PVC walls or without them, either open or closed.

Manufacturer's warranty and long life span. With patented dual Keder technology. Another unique feature is the valance which and can be attached separately.


Structural design

Length (Α)   3.00 m
Eave height (C)   2.30 m
Peak height (E)   3.00 m
Truss profile       80 x 40 mm


Technical specifications

Aluminum Profiles
Solid, hard pressed
Steel parts
Hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461
Ground anchoring
Ground bolts or stakes or weight anchoring upon request
Sidewall PVC
Light impermeable PVC