Exhibition of Cretan Diet 2017 - Rethymno feast of gastronomy, culture & tradition

The great feast of the Cretan gastronomy, culture and tradition: “Feast of the Cretan Diet 2017” took place for the 6th successive year in the Municipal Garden of Rethymno from Sunday July 1st to Friday July 7th.

Prime quality products of the Cretan land, folk art items, lessons of cooking and confectionery, presentations, taste-tastings, many and diverse events, were presented in the cool alleys of the Municipal Garden.

The company PROVOLI expo, for one more year, with the transportable buildings undertook the assembly of all the installations for the hosting and accommodation of the producers-exhibitors of Crete, whereas the excellent & harmonious combination of these contributed to the excellent operation of the exhibition serving thousands of visitors.

More specifically, it placed 45 pagoda –kiosks of the sizes of: 2,5x3,5m and 2x3,5m according to European standards, providing full exhibition equipment with Octarnom exhibition structure, lighting, carpet, desks, shelves etc.

The 6th Feast of Cretan Diet is organized by the Region of Crete-Regional Unity of Rethymno, the Municipality of Rethymno and the Chamber of Rethymno. In this great feast, the richness of the island of Crete and of all those that make it special is highlighted.