Chania: “Agricultural August 2017” 25 to 31/08/2017

With the central motto: “When tradition is certified”, “Agricultural August 2017” opened its gates for the19th successive year. The event, which is an institution for the Municipality of Chania, was held in Square 1866, in cooperation with the Region of Crete, the Regional Unity of Chania and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Chania and it lasted from August 25th -31st.

The exhibition of agricultural products was accommodated in specially shaped kiosks in the square 1866, in the centre of the city of Chania. Pagodas of German construction and according to European standards of the sizes of 5x5m and 2,5x3,5m were installed for the exhibition’s needs.

The visitors of “Agricultural August” had the chance to have a close look at the Cretan traditional products and to be informed about the value of the Cretan diet, products that have been produced in the care of the inmates of the Agricultural Detention Center of Aghia, a program for the promotion of the Cretan diet in cooperation with the Network of Cretan Gastronomy and Culture, as well as many interesting events of the exhibition taking place at the same time, in which folk music bands participated.

More specifically, Cretan concerts with Stelios Bikakis, Michalis Loufardakis, Giorgos Maggelakis, Vasilis Kalliontzis, Michalis Koukianakis, Manolis Kontaros, the music band “Octava” and folk dances from various Cultural and Traditional Associations of the region.