Balkan Square 2017 - A big feast of friendship

The “Balkan Square 2017” celebrated its 18th year this year, developing from a meeting place for people, cultures & values into a feast of art, tradition, culture and friendly coexistence of the peoples in the neighborhood of the Balkans.

From 27 August to 3 September, the municipality of Neapoli - Sykies turned into a huge and colorful square, full of sounds, tastes, smells and colors of the Balkans, carrying for one more year clearly the message of cooperation and harmonic coexistence, in a circle of highly diverse cultural events that honor friendship, do away with differences and underline the similarities, the common values, the ties between the Balkan peoples.

The company “PROVOLI expo”, present once again in the “Balkan Square”, contributed to the success of the event with the perfect in style and functionality equipment for exhibitions. All the actions concerning the arts, literature, tradition, gastronomy and culture of the Balkan peoples were accommodated in pagoda kiosks of the sizes of: 3x3m and 5x5m, fully equipped with lighting and desks.

This year’s rich program of events included the participation of top artists such as Marios Frangoulis, Natassa Bofiliou, Giorgos Margaritis who shared the stage with artists from Serbia, Turkey, Albania.

The official opening ceremony was held on Monday 28 August in the symbolic area of The Allied Military Cemetery, on Lagkadas street, with a big concert of Marios Frangoulis and with free entry for the public.